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  2. Also the side marker lights were introduced in 68. 67 Didn't have them
  3. I am disappointed I was not able to make it this year. Sad part was, I went to Dorney Park later in the day with my wife to meet up with her brother and wife. I had a customer who was supposed to show up Saturday morning to pick up a new Hino tow truck I was selling him. Well, by noon he said he wasn't going to make it and it just killed the day. I wish the guy told me ahead of time because my wife and I would have come out to the show first, then meet my Bro-In-Law at the park. So frustrating. As a consolation, I did get to see several of the trucks leaving on 78 as we were coming into the area. See you guys next year.
  4. Can you reload the pictures?
  5. Still have one of his business cards. This was before dedicated fax phone numbers, cell numbers or a web address but there was always something happening at Mel's yard!
  6. Dunnville Ontario Canada. I can ship
  7. This post show the source of Porsche Piwis2 free download,you can try at you own risk to use this software. Porsche Piwis II software is the latest professional diagnostic software for Porshe,the most poweful diagnose and offline programming software for Porsche. Porsche PIWIS 2 Functions and Features: 1Read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test, maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagram. 2Piwis Tester II works with the old and latest Porsche cars. It is equipped with the Panasonic laptop and original software for the test. Porsche Piwis Tester II can help you diagnose and program the most new and old kind of Porsche cars. For example: 911(997)(991), Boxster/Cayman, (987), Cayenne up to MY 2010, Cayenne from MY 2011 and Panamera. 3New Panamera can only be diagnosed by using Piwis Tester II. Based on current project planning, all earlier vehicle models will gradually be changed over to the new Car Diagnostic Tool Piwis Tester II by the end of 2010. Piwis Tester I must be used for older models in the Porsche workshop until end of 2010. Porsche PIWIS 2 Language: Russian/ English/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ German/ Portuguese/ Japanese/ Chinese/ Dutch Porsche PIWIS 2 Support Systems: ENGINE automation transmission, air-conditioner, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, Original antitheft System,KEYLESS GO system, OBDII system. Porsche PIWIS 2 Support Porsche Vehicle Models: 911(997) (991) Boxster/Cayman (987) Cayenne up to MY 2010 Cayenne from MY 2011 Panamera Support Porsche Cars Till 2017 Porsche PIWIS 2 18.150.500 Acronis image with PET7.3 Free Download: https://mega.nz/#!M0px0KZa!KU7kmbTftZHlRXSOBTBC6CaAo653HALOT6Mmvt79O1I Porsche PIWIS 2 18.150.500 for Dell D630 https://mega.nz/#!eoZ3XLKC!gmdzsauTGNh_qH4AUtiqAm90Z_Yy2W7-Zc8TMLaw_LA
  8. If you have them, but depending what you are looking for Model and year might work.
  9. https://www.carbideanddiamondtooling.com/Long-Pilot-Adjustable-Blade-Reamers-.437-2.562-Inch-Adjustment-Range-King-Pin-Alignment-Reamers-ID-6599-
  10. I am interested in the one for the r model Where are you located
  11. Well, yes. It’s one thing when you’re someone who has money, and willing to give something away knowing it’ll have a home. It’s another when someone has something, but thinks it’s worth x amount because he saw one mecum auction or discovery channel. Maybe some of these trucks can find homes if they’re aren’t any plans for them
  12. *** Happy Birthday to Us! *** Autocar is 122 years old today. 🎈🎂🎁 Here's our founder, the engineer, inventor, and tech entrepreneur, Louis S. Clarke, driving Autocar No. 2. Today, this landmark of American history is in the collection of the The Henry Ford Museum. Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
  13. Ford botches Explorer launch, putting CEO back on hot seat Bloomberg / October 21, 2019 Ford Motor Co.’s Jim Hackett and Wall Street analysts started this year frustrated with one another. Sure, the automaker had been underperforming, but the CEO appealed for time to show he was fixing things. He assured them the redesigned Explorer rolling out months later would be a proof point. But rather than help the third-quarter earnings results Ford delivers this week, the Explorer will be a hindrance. Sales have plunged as a plant plagued by personnel problems has struggled to get the new crossover utility vehicle out the door. Thousands have been shipped 270 miles away to another Ford factory for rework. The botched Explorer launch puts Hackett back in the position he was early this year -- testing the patience of investors. A downbeat assessment of how long it will take to turn the automaker around already cost the company an investment-grade credit rating. By pointing to the CUV as one of the first products he influenced, the CEO staked his reputation on it. “From a design, styling and content standpoint, it hit the marks,” Jeff Schuster, a forecasting analyst for LMC Automotive, said of the Explorer. “But if you can’t get out of the gate, that certainly is going to put some question marks not only on his credibility, but from a consumer standpoint, on the vehicle itself.” The transformation of Ford’s Chicago assembly plant was one of the most complex in the company’s history, a spokeswoman said. The company is shipping the new Explorer -- the all-time best-selling utility vehicle nameplate in the U.S. -- to dealers now and performing additional quality inspections as needed, she said. 'Big negative' Ford probably will report on Wednesday that third-quarter profit slipped to 26 cents a share, according to analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg, down from 29 cents a year ago. Automotive revenue is expected to dip to $34.3 billion, from $34.7 billion. “This Explorer issue is going to be a big negative for the quarter,” said David Whiston, an analyst for Morningstar who rates Ford the equivalent of a buy. “It’s a viciously competitive market and you don’t want to be missing one of your big hitters.” Ford shares have fallen 15 percent since Hackett, 64, took over in May 2017. The stock slumped 37 percent during the tenure of his predecessor, Mark Fields. When Ford reported early this month that Explorer deliveries collapsed by almost half during the quarter, Mark LaNeve, the automaker’s U.S. sales chief, said dealers had adequate inventory to sell. Explorer's U.S. deliveries plunged 31 percent to 135,777 vehicles during the first nine months of the year. “Availability has improved dramatically over the last 30 to 45 days,” LaNeve said in an interview. “We’ll be able to hit our stride with Explorer starting now.” Supply in showrooms may indeed be building up, but a batch of about 2,500 Explorers in need of repairs arrived recently at the company’s factory in Flat Rock, Mich., which for weeks has been fixing and finishing vehicles shipped from the Chicago plant where the CUV is built, according to people familiar with the matter. Buggy screens LaNeve told analysts on Oct. 2 that the Chicago plant had started shipping Explorers directly to dealers. But most of those models also have required repairs before they can be sold, said the people, who asked not to be identified describing internal issues the company is having. And not all problems with Chicago-built CUVs are being fixed before they reach customers’ driveways. Consumer Reports had problems with the Lincoln Aviator -- a mechanically similar model built alongside the Explorer -- that the magazine’s testers purchased last month for $63,400. The digital gauges that display speed, fuel consumption and other important information shake and flip, making them difficult to read. “Ford does tend to struggle with the new introductions, especially if they’re a larger departure from the previous design,” said Jake Fisher, the magazine’s director of auto testing. “It could take a few years to get the bugs worked out.” Ford is not experiencing similar setbacks as it begins building a redesigned version of its Escape compact crossover at its factory in Louisville, Ky. LaNeve told analysts the Escape “is a much more normal launch.” Problematic plant Days after the January debut of the new Explorer -- which hadn’t been redesigned in almost a decade -- Hackett described Ford’s product product development as “constipated,” and said his executive team was fixing what ailed the company. “The new Explorer and Ranger, which our administration kind of intercepted in process, are good examples of where we started to have influence,” said Hackett, who played football for Bo Schembechler in the 1970s at the University of Michigan. What the CEO wasn’t counting on was for a problematic plant to cause trouble again. The Chicago factory, fined twice in the last two decades by federal workplace-harassment regulators, is riven with dissension that’s hampering productivity and quality, according to people familiar with the situation. Roving groups of workers are intimidating other employees, creating a hostile environment, the people said. That’s driving up turnover and leaving some vehicle assembly unfinished, contributing to the company having to complete the work at the Michigan factory or at dealerships, the people said. Ford is unaware of any recent issues in which employees are intimidating one another, the spokeswoman said. The automaker is waiting its turn to negotiate a new labor contract with the UAW, which has been on strike against General Motors since mid-September. Explaining to do Ford spent a combined $1 billion upgrading its 95-year-old assembly plant and 63-year-old stamping factory in Chicago, outfitting them with advanced manufacturing technology to produce the Explorer, Aviator and Police Interceptor Utility. Those investments included $40 million to upgrade lighting and add security at the plants, where some employees have experienced sexual and racial harassment. In August 2017, the company agreed to pay as much as $10.1 million to settle claims following an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Ford faced similar charges at the Chicago factories in 1999 that led to a $17.5 million settlement. When Hackett’s executive team discusses quarterly results with analysts this week, they’re likely to have to address how much further the plant has to go to overcome its troubled past. “You can’t afford to have these kinds of issues in this market environment. It shouldn’t have become the problem that it is,” LMC’s Schuster said. “They have some explaining to do.”
  14. I remember going over to Mel Clarks place in Hampton NH and looking at them and B models, ended up with a B61 from him and then got a Kenworth K100 with a 903, did business with him for many years, had a great selection of what now are collector trucks, back then these were running trucks.
  15. Thumbs up for Hank Jr., but no so for Kid Rock.
  16. h67st

    Mack H series

    So it's got 9 good tires on it?
  17. Ron Smith (39 Baby Mack) Said it needs one of everything.
  18. Dennis Yaworski tracked me down and told me he had a Smith truck in his yard. An old Brockway. He said I could have it is I came for it. Granted it has partially melted into the ground, but the price is right. Mike.
  19. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=667874577013584&id=100013731422003 Dunno if the link will work or not Gotta have face book I guess Paul
  20. Thanks for the pictures. I'll get over there someday. It was close in the cards this year, but just couldn't pull it off. I'd like to meet up with some of you east coasters!
  21. Yes, but what they have and what the think it’s worth is usually the issue. These trucks will melt into the ground and nobody will end up with anything
  22. Vlad, I feel pretty lucky to even have this equipment at my disposal. The added benefit of knowing enough to run it is a real plus. I'll never claim to be a machinist, but I can turn handles well enough to make most of the things I need. I've been here 34 yrs come Jan 2020, so I've had plenty of time to learn. I've taught myself everything, including machining and many versions of welding(TIG, MIG, Plasma, brazing). When you can't afford to pay someone to do it, you learn to do it yourself.
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