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  2. That is a sweet ride if I was wanting to go OTR I would seriously think about swapping the dump bed for a fifth wheel and a sleeper and keep on keeping on
  3. I hate when you try to pass cause the amigo is texting and driving 45 and then you get up along side and then they can't stand being passed and they romp that auto trans and get up to 70 like nothing.
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  5. has anyone tried the ads performer box on an e7 93-97 if so how do you like it
  6. nothing to be offended by I like the pic, despite its meaning
  7. Wow. Just catching up on this thread, what a mess! When they replaced the engine, I assume it was just a basic that required all of your external components to be swapped to the new (reman I'm sure) engine? So you've still got the same egr cooler/turbo and all that? Theres a guy around here that back in the 90s had several trucks, they had braking issues. At the time I worked at the dealership and this guy fought this problem for probably a year as we threw every valve, shoe, drums, whatever Mack told us to throw at it we did. Never did fix the problem and Mack refused to give the guy new trucks. These were cl's. He ended up suing Mack over it, I don't think he got squat. The 2 trucks he was having the problem with he parked in a barn while the lawsuit was ongoing, several years. He never bought another Mack. And this is when they were solid trucks, not Volvos with a dog on the hood. Good luck to you man!
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  9. Me neither. Actually it is pretty touching.
  10. Looks great Travis! I'll sure be able to spot you now. I won't have to stare at every Western Star I meet to see if it's you.Can't wait to get a close look at it. Steve
  11. Thanks For That!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Truck still isn’t running right have had more engineers and different data recorders and they all show nothing, I contacted Martin Weissburg thinking he would get something done for me and all he did was pass me off to someone else that I had to explain all the problems to for the 50th time and got no results so I emailed Matin again asking for Mack to replace the truck I got no response from him, then 2 days later I received a letter fedexed to me from Mack saying that they had had multiple people ride with me and they did not see the problem with the truck which was a lie, and that they had put in a new engine and they were all coming to the same conclusion that the truck was operating as designed. They compared my truck to 162 trucks specd the same as mine and those trucks averaged 6.1 mpg and mine was 5.9 and that was acceptable but my truck is getting 2.7 mpg to 4.9 mpg based on miles driven and gallons used but they don’t want to talk about that , the exhaust is black with soot running down on the chrome heat shield my tarp arm which is in line with the exhaust is brown and they say nothing is wrong with this truck. I talked to a lawyer and he said I would probably win if we went to court but Mack would probably drag it on for years so I’ve decided to get rid of this piece of shit and buy a different brand, Mack has offered me no help in any way almost making me feel like I’m a liar I asked the district manager if nobody saw the problem with the truck then why did you replace the engine and keep working on this truck if there was no problem , I got no response, so I’m done with Mack Trucks!!! If anything changes I’ll keep you guys updated
  13. Doesn't offend me. Thank you
  14. Hey all. I'm selling my mack. I would love to keep it forever, but going a different direction in life. It has been a great truck, and I want to see it go to good Mack friendly home https://spokane.craigslist.org/hvo/d/clark-fork-1989-mack-rw713-dump-truck/6897580113.html I can't get the photos to load so use the link above. I have some people interested, but thought I should give BMT a chance first.
  15. I'm able to use Grundy because I have four collector cars and tree antique bikes insured with them 43 trucks in N.Y. ,70+ trucks in Virginia and 12 trucks in Maine plus my business units add another 25 trucks, trailers and machines counting the pair of AM General power units I just bought. Parts are in 10 containers and barns in three states. Cars only a bakers dozen. Clean up? the old combine we had in Virginia I dug a big deep hole and buried it. I have 1150 acres in Va, 60 in Maine and 28 in Riverhead N.Y. all have the potential for parts disposal.
  16. Had a quiet week so helped a few friends out But first unloaded a whole heap if RSJ's for a shed we are gunna build, around 24 ton of steel, maybe more but wasnt brave enough to head ro weigh bridge Then I jumped in the little Isuzu and bought a Studebaker home for my mate His wife has claimed it as her cat Then a Chev for another friend Followed by a C Line International and Freighter McGrath strap trailer Saw a sunset or two And watched the bush TV for a few nights All in all a good week spent with some good friends Life doesn't get much better than that Paul
  17. 2012 CHU 613 - MP8 13SPD - 2 line wet kit - full fenders - pinned 5th wheel - durabrite wheels - all the usual stuff fixed - new wiring harness - injectors - starter - alternator - 3 new batteries - new main power wire from batteries to starter - new virgin drive tires - asking $35k - make an offer - steve 630-688-6110 - near Chicago
  18. Let us know what’s up. Please.
  19. I don’t want to touch it but would love to see and hear it.
  20. Misc. B-Model Small parts Circuit breaker panel Turn signal switch Bendix Trailer brake bias control Engine thermostat Do-Ray 410 cab light shield Best offer, all or separate, plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  21. PTO taken off Mack TR771 5-speed transmission. Best offer plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  22. B-Model fresh air ducting. Dual chamber ducting from air cleaner to engine compartment - some damage, reasonably pliable Fresh air ducting - very stiff Air filter cowl bracket Best offer (all or separate) plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  23. B-Model dash panel & gauges. Ammeter Water Temp Fuel Air Pressure Dash Panel $25 each or $100 for everything, plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  24. B-model glove box - see photos Best offer over $30, plus shipping from Gainesville, FL 32605
  25. Thats the truck. The owner kindly sent me pictures of it about 15 years ago. I can't seem to find out if they still have it.
  26. Ahhh tgat could be it .I no speak dubja dubja lol sorry couldn't resist
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