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  2. Wow cool ride have a ball with it...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Wow cool ride have a ball with it...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Right on man god love him...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. On the engine I just bought it has a air valve plumbed into the intake that runs a plastic line over to the front cover on the rack. Can I omit this setup we use to block off the older smoke valves. Thank you
  6. I think he's living a comfortable retirement...he sang on the tribute show for Johnny Cash after Johnny passed. Every time Kawliga or Family Tradition comes on the radio, I have to crank it up.
  7. I’ve stoped watching the news all together these days, everyone has an agenda and will curve stories to fit their’s or they won’t share stories they can’t curve... there no unbiased source anymore except the sources for the media, which is where I get the news. News is only useful for knowing big important events like another terrorist attack or something of the sort... sometimes when it seems like there’s no real source for something I check what everyone is saying from all sides and only accept what they all agree on and take the rest with a wheelbarrow of salt until it’s independently reviewed and confirmed... the media and politicians thrive off divisiveness, people are more likely to donate when they’re more passionate and the media gets more views the crazier they can make a headline which gives them more ad revenue... a prime example is when MSMBC said they found Trumps taxes when everyone was running a round saying he had committed tax fraud and it turned out it was nothing but they really hyped it up to get viewers... it’s like that with everyone unfortunately... this is why the loudest voice today on both sides the most extreme one, the divisiveness gets boosted so that everyone profits, meanwhile it makes a laughingstock of our country and the hardworking people who everyday bust their asses protecting the average Joe or working to make someone else’s life a bit better see nothing from it all... I still believe we wouldn’t have such a problem if we didn’t have political parties to begin with and everyone could think for themselves instead of having to align to the two main parties which have proven countless times they alter their own policies not to reflect their true beliefs but instead to make sure they oppose the other so we all stay divided. But I don’t think any of us will see politics parties either increase in how many are major enough to be recognized or cease to legally exist all together... but that doesn’t mean I don’t pray it happens some day!
  8. Great photos! That red tandem B sure has a strange-looking cab on it.
  9. That is a neat truck. A have sent a couple waterpumps to Authur Gould rebuilder. They are worth a call. Mike
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  11. This is the only picture I have. It was still there last month. I talked to the owner but don’t remember what he said.
  12. tap on Google .... images n C wot develops LOL cya
  13. Yes I can appreciate that just never asked and was wondering why it was way cool and seems like a blast to drive ....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Well here's where I let the cat out of the bag because several of you wish that you had my time. I'm salaried at work and run the shop, when the work is done, parts ordered and the shop cleaned I work on the 75 til the next job shows up. The boss doesn't care, I work seven days a week so something gets done on the 75 everyday.
  15. The Red head will be proud of You..........
  16. Yesterday
  17. If Fox is comfort food for stupid people then CNN, MSNBC and the rest must be the main menu for the anti American left wing gonna destroy America crowd. I hope DJC you posted that for entertainment and that is not your belief ??
  18. yes Vlad, they shortened it by removing the back seat area.
  19. My dad got a EE Mack truck hopfully to haul his hit and miss engines to shows. We got it running but we need a water pump for a continental inline six. We found some good tires so now on to the brakes. We are going to leave it in it's original Condition. The bed was gone so going to build a new one. I'll try to post pics when I figure out how
  20. Saw this little model locomotive in the museum and the truck it’s based on is sitting right outside!
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