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  2. A boy, his Dad, and a Mack truck.... don’t get much better than that.
  3. Hello, I am very interested in buying the gmc cracker box if it’s still available. If so, can you please forward me your friend’s number? Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Deleted I assume. Hopefully the original owners kept copies.
  5. Have two ( 2 ) transmissions W/O back halves for sell as a lot, have rear top covers. One has new gears and bearings, not sure which one. Will package and ship FOB / CT Want to move fast so best offer. Thanks. 11KB5364BP1 / TRQ720 11KB5649AP1 / TRQ7220
  6. We used to put them in the bumper foglights so we could see the critters in the road in northern Maine, used to be a long dark road from Bangor to Houlton .
  7. If you want it from a dealership call Mike at 715-453-7028. Tell him publication 5-106. It will be $37.50 + shipping and ask if they will arrange direct ship to you.
  8. If you don’t want the free copy then purchase it for $30 off Mack E-Media. They sell the book. Publication 5-106.
  9. Low spec or top spec? We tried hard to hit the top spec/max protrusion to get the extra sleeve crush and fire sealing in high HP range. Above 400HP you tend to have a hopping head.
  10. honestly I don't think it matters however, yes the convex up facing the head ! the sharp side facing the liner that way the ring stays put better! AND just a word to the wise you should have measured your liner height (protrusion )! correct ? You needed to be trying to achieve at least 24 thou Bottom spec for best results on a 400 plus HP engine !the book low spec is TOO low for anything over 400!
  11. Hanks truck pictures has disappeared. I guess it was overwhelming to keep track of the website and there was a lot of hacking and virus activity going on. My question is where are all of the truck pictures domiciled. There were hundreds of photo input personnel and thousands of pictures. Are these all the property of Hank Jr? Seems like the photo contributors would have some input as to where their photo contributions should have gone. A few can be found on sites such as Photo bucket and facebook. Truck enthusiasts have suffered a great loss by no longer having these historic truck and fleet pictures available. I am sure people would pay to have access again.
  12. We always did flat side down. The weird stepped liners were pre-ETECH only best I remember. I think it was 1991/1992 was when they stopped the stepped liners
  13. For sure- now tell me again Jim how I can post pictures that are not inverted!!
  14. And Denis-note one"n" is also a Ford guy. If you know what a Super Duty is he probably has more of them on his property than anyone in the country. The dump is the first new T-850 he bought and it sits inside.
  15. Clean the clutch metal debris off the flywheel housing position sensor. You can access it from below.
  16. I may have posted this before but to add to Jim's picture of the B-81, this is the guy that did it- Danny Melone. And he did it virtually by himself including cab off and new rail sections that he got from Adams. Mack was new inn his family redi-mix business and pulled like a 25' tandem dump. And as for Macks, there aren't many guys who know more about them than this guy. Oh and he was close to 80 when he did this!
  17. I reckon the last one is the closest to what is in my head Ta muchly Swish man
  18. Nice hopefully the tacos didn't hit ya half way home lol
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