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  1. As 41 chev said it is lead based paint. I do not know how you plan to remove the paint but I have had good results with the stripper discs that go on a 4 1/2 " grinder. They remove the paint but do not hurt the metal. Faster than the liquid strippers and not as messy. Needs to be done outside up wind and with a good dust mask.
  2. Do not give up . When finished you will really have a neat truck. If you skip a few steps now when you paint it you will regret it.
  3. Got the harness from Rhode Island Wiring Service ,Inc. I thought the quality was excellent. Instructions sometimes confusing but easy to clear up with a phone call. The floor is not new. Very little rust on bottom most rust was on top. Sand blasted, acid preped, and painted. Bottom of floor was also coated with Eastwood's heat and sound barrier.
  4. Bought a new harness .Thought it would be easy to install. A week and half later almost done.
  5. Thanks. I was born confused. But now I know more than I did.
  6. Thanks . I have seen other RW 753 trucks and all seem to have the Cat engines.
  7. Looking thru the trucks for sale papers I see Superliner trucks advertised as RW 712, 713, 721 ,722, 733, 753, 755, 766, 767, 786, 795, & 797. I guess the 7 is the weight class. Does anyone have a short and easy explanation on the other numbers. Thanks.
  8. Enjoyed the pictures. Interesting note about the DOT officers some are decent some want to show how you how important and how much authority they have.
  9. There have been a number of articles here on this . If you look them up I think you will find anything you need. Pictures of your truck would be great.
  10. How about the same colors as the J.D. A or B in the back ground. Saw a B model Mack at the expo in New York with these colors Did not look too bad.
  11. Welcome. Sharp truck
  12. Welcome. Any questions you have can be answered here.
  13. Sharp. Really like the color.
  14. Enjoyed the pictures.
  15. Get well soon. I do not think you were blunt in your message just honest. I would rather deal with someone who is up front. It makes it easier for both parties who are serious .