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  1. Western Star moving ahead with HD trucks to compete with KW.---Mack-ZZZZZZZZZ
  2. Sweet. Enjoy
  3. This is a good thread to revive since the E-6 350 is still popular and mechanical. I am sure there are many interested in 350 modifications for more power.
  4. Volvo has never given Mack the option of using Cummins 15 liter in the past. Only the natural gas and diesel for the MHD. Again Mack on a short leash.
  5. Good point Oso2. Would just like Volvo to give Mack a little more latitude like Renault or Mack Australia.
  6. Volvo killed White and Autocar in one fell swoop. They are killing Mack one pin prick at a time. Possibly the only ace in the hole that Mack has is the MR/LE. The government made them sell Autocar because of a monopoly in the refuse industry. May be they will make them sell Mack in the same way. When Volvo makes a new cab over for the refuse industry you know Mack is done.
  7. I think the last B made was a B-53 or B-57 cement chassis. I thought I saw it in one of my Mack books.
  8. Now that's the way old working dogs should be treated.
  9. Kenworth is finally making a good looking truck. Should give the Granites a run.
  10. Nice capture good luck with it. The E-7 400 was a good engine as I'm told.
  11. That big six looked like it was ready to go. I wonder who killed that (Renault)? I wonder if that was in the same time frame as the intro of the E-7. I know the E-7 got off to a rocky start(pistons rings) as I recall. This was about the same time Mack went to South Carolina. Was the E-7 a Renault design motor as some have suggested. That might help explain the big six never went into production. Too bad if so.
  12. Also I believe the E9 didn't catch on as well as it could have because of less than stellar performance of the earlier Mack V8's. Also V-8's in general are a little shy on torque and rely on HP(RPM) to get the job done. If Mack had made an 900 plus cubic inch six cylinder engine using the Maxidyne principal things may have turned out differently. They would have been well suited to todays 1000-1500 operating range.
  13. The red one above is a 9000 with the large A-car cab. The coup cab was pre A-car cab. So I guess the engine did tilt to the passenger side in the coup cab. Makes sense. I wonder how many other trucks had tilted engines.
  14. That must have been a tight fit.
  15. Ran into a Herb Holden CL 700 low boy driver. He said all the new dump trucks are Volvo. They have been Mack for years. Not good news for Mack.