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  1. eeeny meeeny miny never mind
  2. not a bad looking survivor
  3. not alone anyway
  4. I checked the web site and watched their video that to was impressive `6000 rpm buffer worked like a charm .I may order one of their polish only kits and give it a try . I have some diamond plate that i want to try to shine up that stuff just may work i`ve never had much luck before with dp` it just seemed to labor intensive to to get any decent looking finish
  5. don`t buy a fkn fruitliner then
  6. made for haulin BIG sticks
  7. we will see in a couple days this is in a t2000 kw ` you have to dismantle the whole truck to get to the eng. as someone else said you can see the motor but your arms are`nt long enough to work on it
  8. aaaatsarottabeef
  9. from what i could see in the vid tt was running to fast` his choice was to either hit the plow in the rear or try to pass him in both scenarios he was wrong
  10. yep
  11. Some really nice looking equipt. in that show.
  12. whole lot cheaper to
  13. not a ride i would have liked in either vehicle
  14. happy birthday paul and many many more