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  1. Wonder if the dog under it comes with?
  2. Probably spares that were never used. Can't even get remand heads from mack anymore
  3. Happy Bday
  4. Tank motors heard he got 15 of them last year , don't know how or where Think they were for the french
  5. Yea that sucks but at least you didn't roll it
  6. Here is a link that will tell you what your speed will bee at any rpm. high gear in 2090 is .71
  7. Happy Bday
  8. Get Well Soon
  9. Sorry for your loss
  10. Merry Christmas everyone
  11. I don't think , But i know that E9 was tested in a F model. I know the mechanic that worked for the company that had it. I believe they are restoring the truck now.
  12. That R Model is still pretty sharp , besides the bent bumper. You can send Santas helper or a rack to my place I need help Rapping something. And Merry Christmas .
  13. I may be wrong but i don't think supers came with the V8 emblem. They were originally on R models.