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Mack Granite steering play

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Hello all. Bought a 2004 mack granite from Rhode Island last year and the steering had some play side to side. fast forward to this year and the steering box developed a lead and the play got worse which made the truck drift side to side. My drivers finally told me about after they refused to drive the truck. I brought it to the mechanic and he sent the steering box out to be rebuilt. got the truck back and still all over the road. I took truck back and he discovered the king pins were shot and the toe was out a half inch. I got the truck back and it is much tighter, but has about three inches of side to side play in steering wheel but overall a huge difference in the right direction. The truck is still hard to keep in a straighten line on highways and constantly have to make corrections. the mechanic said the floaters are worn a little because of the toe and that may be causing the issue. Do you guys think this could cause this or do is the alignment out of whack.

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when you check for play, I assume you are only moving the steering wheel and not the tires. I would expect the steering shaft u-joints were inspected during the steering box repair, as well as the drag link and tie rod ends? there is also a u-joint under the dash above the brake pedal.

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Power steering boxes can have a little movement that feels like "play" that is actually movement in the valve (either rotary or axial).  3" at the OD of the wheel, Like MACKS said, isn't all that much.  Tires?  Alignment?  Drag link?  Rod ends?  Spring eye bushings?

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