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Happy 4th of July fellas


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Let’s try to make the best of it…we are…  was supposed to do more work on kitchen cabinets but decided I did enough honey doos yesterday and today only fun stuff Reno aces game with evening fireworks… bob

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Happy Birthday of The U.S.A. guy's....  America !!!!  'F' Yeah !!!!!!   :) jojo

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I was going to top off the kids pool on Saturday so they could go swimming...but it rained. Pool was 5 to 6" deeper when I woke up Sunday morning than it was Saturday morning...and I didn't add a single drop. Kinda glad I hadn't, as it would've run up my water bill & overflowed with the rain. Whole yard was flooded (so no mowing got done, either)...and had to get my rubber muck boots to head over to the neighbors to light off some fireworks Sunday night. It was still about 6 to 8" deep in the road. Funny thing is, at church Sunday morning I was talking to people who didn't even get 1/4". Crazy how it dumped so much in one place over the course of a day and completely missed just a few miles up the road.

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When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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