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2004 Trident 470 CCRS , Solenoid Boost Voltage

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Make sure battery cables are tight on batteries and starter first. In my notes for this code , check wires on ground breaker and auxiliary starter solenoid on the outside of the firewall by the wiper motor. The ground break will be rectangular shape with black wires , right next to it is the round shaped auxiliary starter solenoid with red wires, make sure they are tight . But be careful on thoses two as over tightening can break them easily. Lastly, unplug the 2 or 3 connectors ( if you have a ASET AC engine) on the engine ecm and check for coolant in the connector and rotten pins ,

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Mackpro,  I ended up replacing the engine harness but not before cleaning all the earths and reinstalling them ,replaced the auxillary soleniod along with all the engine sensors, swapped out the computer with a known working computer still the same fault ,throwing out ECM fault plus boost soleniod fault . We didn't get the ASET AC engine here in Australia .Mack Trucks Aust weren't any help at all, Grey engine amnesia????  I ended up sorting the problem by elimination , My E9 was starting to look good sitting in place of the CCRS 470, Thanks Mackpro for responding with help 

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