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Remove the radiator shell

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First 4 or 5 years of production, the shells were bolted to the headlight panels,and in my experience of taking apart ones that have been sitting years,they are a PITA. The later shells just had the bolts along top holding it to the radiator support,1 each side behind the hood latch,and 2 big screws at bottom holding it to the shutters. My suggestion if the fenders aren't your concern,take a Sawzall or torch. I hate to see parts get wasted if fenders are savable,but too far away for me to worry and at least your trying to save something

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Saves time and aggravation. Different scenario slightly but I sawed up some hoods this summer just to salvage what I could. Was supposed to get 4 hoods as part of a deal,2 R model,1 Superliner and 1 Valueliner, but in the process of moving them,his hired help managed to bust 3 of them up past the point of repair.

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