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Cruise Control on the Draggin Wagon

fuzzy buzzard

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Thinking serious about cruise control on old Mack.  I know Freightrain put it on his but that company went out of business. The Rostra Company came up on my first search. Did a bunch of reading, sounds interesting. They have lots of options for switches and vehicle speed sensors, etc.

Question is - any ya'll had any dealings with this company? Got any other suggestions? Yep, I know I'm getting lazy - but since I got the steering straighten out, now I have time to look out the side windows!

Any and all comments welcome  

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Talked to a right intelligent guy at Rostra today, Felix (800-343-1382). He went over how this job could be pulled off - magnets on drive shaft for VSS (used this idea on 76 Ford years ago and working real good), clutch pedal disengagement switch, may have to use relay on brake circuit because of LED tail lights and trailer brake controller, servo can handle 2 5/8" of throttle linkage movement, servo has 39" of cable so servo can be mounted away from heat sources and alternator. He seemed to be up on his knowledge so I ordered kit, $355 plus shipping. Give me a couple of weeks to get installed and I'll holler back with update.

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