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Air ride cab systems

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I think the biggest problem would be the front of the cab, it has to be able to pivot when the back of cab goes up and down and also the back of hood where the cab moves.    terry:MackLogo:

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1 hour ago, Ditchdiggerjcf said:

I have an air ride R parts truck at the shop now. The cab is too nice to butcher for the air ride, but the front mounts are the same as any other R model I have seen.

Guess I did not read your first post close enough, you said a valueliner, still have to change hood mounts where it rest on the cowl.   terry:MackLogo:

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We just converted a 1988 RD we bought to air ride cab.  Got all the parts from a junkyard 2001 RD.  You need the exhaust stand tube that also serves as the cab mount; leveling valve, there's brackets on the inside of the frame rails for the shock absorbers, there's a plate that bolts to the underside of the cab at the rear that the air bags attach to.  All the "soft" parts can be had through your dealer, you just need a VIN from the truck you pull the brackets out of.


Also, earlier R models have rods that fixate the radiator to the firewall.  Those need to be deleted and replaced with diagonal braces that bolt to the frame somewhere by the front axle shock absorbers.  Also need to make sure the rubber hood stops on the firewall are converted to rollers.  Muffler can't bolt to the cab, needs to bolt to the exhaust stand from the junkyard.

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My 1985 RS688LST was factory air ride with the exhaust bolted to the cab

The 1985 has the round horizontal cab mounts like these


The radiator rods go to the frame, I just rebuilt the hood rollers.

Here is the air ride crossmber


My 1975 RS685LT has the earlier style donut front cab mounts

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