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Mack that built the Hoover Dam

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49 minutes ago, james j neiweem said:

Nice catch. Are you saying there are only 2 surviving AP's from the Hoover dam or were only 2 AP's used at the dam. I would have thought that there would have been alot more than 2.

Only two of the surviving AP's were used at the hoover dam. The dam was constructed with a lot of AP's and AC6's but a lot of Internationals as well (lighter but faster trucks). There is at least on other AP surviving that I believe is in a field in Pa. The AP and AC-6 were originally shipped with longer AC style hood, but due to overheating they designed the more open style bonnet.

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Hi my name is Chad R. 


 I personally know where not only something so significant to your history our nation's history and lastly one of Americas founding trucking companies history - Mack Trucks. It's the last and only dump truck that made it out of the making of the Hoover dam and the only reason it made it out is because it paved the road out during its construction and wasn't disassembled for other use. It's the oldest non-restored Mack truck in the world. It still has wooden frames still has original glass and it predates the bulldog emblem and it's also a national treasure for the fact that it's surviving dump truck that worked on the Hoover dam.   It's the All steel body not the aluminum and it has steel wheels in the back.



Please contact me for more information if you're interested I can go into further detail my phone number is 520-910-9479 thank you

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