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E-9 valve noise

Dave dog

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16 hours ago, Dave dog said:

Sadly I have an noise ticking away on my top end. The only thing I noticed was only one exhaust valve push rod was spinning . Is that normal?

Have you checked your valve set?If not do so! This can be injector noise it can be signs of a bad lifter! a push rod spinning could mean a bad lifter although the rods will spin normally to some degree!

Check your pan plug lossen it a couple of turns if it feels like gravel on the threads you may have a lifter failed!

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On most engines, pulling valve covers and oil pan gives you visual access to almost the entire engine, and it doesn't cost anything other than a few gaskets and your time.

If it's still making a ticking noise after you've adjusted the valves then start cracking injector lines to look for a weak injector.

I had on my E7-350 a noise that sounded like the engine brake coming on, but only above 1700 rpms. Turned out to be a fuel filter clogging up. Did it again a few days later, and a second set of filters cleared it up for good!

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I'd do a complete overhead run first ensuring your rocker bridges are correctly adjusted if they've not been touched in a while too.

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Thanks for the replies. Yes I have had the top end checked by a cat/Cummins  mech never worked on mack or v8. All were in spec. Injector was the first thing I thought,cracked them all but one that stuck /frozen(nut to the injection line) at the pump. The odd thing is the noise is hard to hear until fully warmed up. 165°f+

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