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2014 Mack Pinnacle- Good Log Truck??



Looking at buying my first log truck. Came across what seems to be a good deal. 2014 Mack Pinnacle for around 30k. But I'm unsure if this style Mack will be as good as the rest in the woods. It's got a good size sleeper on it as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 



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Lot of similar logging trucks in the woods up here. It may be OK. Few things to consider....

1. You have a light frame. If you satellite a good logger with good landings you will benefit. If you have a bad logger with poor landings your going to be twisting hard. A long chassis like this one can twist like licorice and return, only issue with these are the crossmembers will want to crack or loosen if you are constantly doing it on uneven terrain loaded. 

2. If you do a lot of rough terrain on that chassis your OK if you DONT have Mack axles with unweldwd spring seats. Mack axles with Z spring air ride tend to crack axles on uneven terrain. Check the spring pedestals if it’s a Mack axle, if they are welded on your OK. Joes right about camels because they float the spring ends in rubber, they like twisting over uneven terrain, but ride like a stone boat. 

3. Your axle ratio number is low, which means you have a highway hole shot, but you have an M-Shift so your golden. 

4. That’s a long wheel base. Shorter wheel base with coffin sleeper does better for sneaking around on ATV woods trails loggers like to use for access. It’s also lower than yours so a 5" thick oak branch can pass over you better without truck decapitation. Don’t know how you operate, but most guys here use the sleeper for tools, chains, chainsaws and a 10 minute nap waiting for the mill gate to open. Wood haul is a “short haul” industry, no money in hauling logs long, you don’t make money on long hauls and overnighters. Up here 90-95% day cab logging trucks. 

5. Whatever that plastic fairing is under the bumper will be torn off the first week, take it off and store it for resale. 

6. Depending on which suspension, don’t buy it if any transversing member sits lower than pumpkin. Those will also get ripped off. When you "sink up to your axle", you want to be sitting on axle not air bag member.

7. Looks like you have forward hooks? Need good lanyards. Assume a dozer is taking you out of the woods or up a woods trail with chains. See some pretty ugly scenes out in the woods when things go soft. It really comes back to good landings or bad landings.

Personally, I’d be hauling wood in a Granite day-cab tractor with a 190” wheelbase, short, broad single 10MM frame, air ride and an 18 spd, High pros, highway gears, 14/44 axles, full lockers, Short and fat survives in the woods, ask the Badger. 400HP or better.



Good Luck!!!!🍀 

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