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Door glass removal

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Replaced the roll up glass on my B a couple years ago after a struggle got  everything back together . Need to remove the glass on one again . Got everything apart except the crank assembly on the panel and can not get the window out . Can some one give me a step by  step procedure on on removal .  Thanks in advance .

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Thanks. Does  the glass need to be up or down to drop the panel ?  After twisting the panel up ,down, back and forth all I have  done is some how gotten the glass out of the tracks on the panel . If I take the regulator and everything loose the panel should come out leaving the glass inside removed next . Not part of the plan or the way it came out two years ago . I am sure it will go back just as easy .


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Yup, crank the glass to the bottom.  It needs to be BELOW the top of the channel at the top of the door panel.  Then, with some wiggling you should be able to persuade it out of the door.  My drivers door panel falls out easily.  My passenger door takes lots of very carefully said cuss words!  I'll let you use the words I use....just can't type them on the forums LOL!!!  Start with George Carlins 7 words you can't say on TV...that's a good start....


I see you are using tape on the door to help with not destroying the paint.  I finally had to do this with my new doors.  Ugh, the old doors were much easier to work on!!

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One other thing I used was Bostik 1100 urethane/adhesive to hold the weather striping in the register tracks and the two vertical seals in the vent windows. Those were originally riveted but using the 1100 and letting it set 24 hrs you can't tear them out.

We use the 1100 to patch the inside of our refer trailer walls. When it drys it's stuck for good.




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