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2001 rd 688s shuts down starts right back up no codes


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2001 rd just did inframe less then 1000 miles on it..someone replaced the original engine with a 99 e7 427 same engine from factory just different year put new vecm had mack reprogram it to specs truck runs fine then will shut down red x comes on heater blower everything shuts down wait a few minutes starts right back up run 15 min or less shut down no codes what so ever..please help I'm so deep in this truck and not able to run it ..first did it last week ran bout 12hrs no problem then started this

Thanks in advance 

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Engine position sensor?

My former truck did that to new owner. Cruising down the interstate, shut off, pulled over.

Started right up and rest of the day and several more days fine.

Then one day it happened again. His mechanic changed EPS and all fine,,,over three months now

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The 2001 rd688st I owned for a year had relays in the glove box and a relay/fuse box under the hood, top center on the firewall. It had an etech 400 engine. FJH and co. might be talking about the accessory relay in the dash under the ash tray. On our mechanical Macks,  when you bump your key on it actuates an accessory solenoid in the dash under the ash tray. It powers your gauges, radio, blower, etc. Not sure if the electronic engines use this solenoid too, I expect they do. The last couple I got from Mack are junk, they get hot on our stock truck and stop making contact reliably. Smack it with a screw driver handle usually gets it to engage.

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Just now, fjh said:

accessory relay in the dash under the ash tray

not sure if they changed this in later years  how ever check under that PLASTIC  panel Three screws and your there! They may have changed to 4 relays as pictured above but the location will likely be similar!

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