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B61 Model Stainless Steel Muffler

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Hi all.  Working on getting parts together for overhauling my engine next summer and one of the things on my list is putting a muffler on it.  It is brutal to ride in that thing for long periods of time with a straight pipe.  Anyways, I am looking for the 8.5" diameter Mack mufflers that are stainless steel.  So far I haven't had much luck finding anything other than aluminized.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Barry mentioned that PAI used to have them, but wasn't able to find anything with my internet search.

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I found the muffler on the cab had near as bad drone inside as the rattle from a straight pipe.  I ended up putting a Dynomax 4" "racing" muffler(basically a big cherry bomb) under the cab and then a pipe up the side.   Clean look and made it bearable noise level inside.

You could get a std muffler and have it ceramic coated silver?  



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A piece of 4" X 6" .250"-.500"  thick silicone rubber cloth sheet is an effective isolator for the rumble from the cab supported exhaust stack. The original rubber sheet used becomes hard from age/exposure and is ineffective. A stainless flex pipe installed under the cab into the exhaust pipe is also effective and the combination of both together yields a very near resonate free exhaust system.

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