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  1. Its an endt673. That I got out. Just need to remove the intermediate shaft.
  2. I'm looking to remove the drive assembly from the block. The pump is already removed. It looks like an axle nut socket, but was wondering if there is a specific part number to reference the tool. I did not see one in the manual.
  3. I found the info on removing the Aux shaft in the manual. Still looking for info on the tool to remove the injection pump.
  4. Can anyone tell me the process of removing an auxiliary shaft on an ENDT673. Also, what tool is used to remove the bearing for the injection pump in the attached picture? Thanks for all the help!
  5. Hey all. Looking for some opinions here. I have owned my 1958 for almost two years now. I have slowly brought it back to being a fully operational truck. Last year I did a complete overhaul of the front suspension and now I am working towards the next big issue the END673. It fires right up all the time even after prolonged periods of storage. However, it barely has 6psi of oil pressure at idle after heating up, the block has a 8" crack and leaks coolant (only when hot), the engine has been run without the shutterstat for quite some time, the air inlet hose was cracked and let dust and d
  6. Hi all. Working on getting parts together for overhauling my engine next summer and one of the things on my list is putting a muffler on it. It is brutal to ride in that thing for long periods of time with a straight pipe. Anyways, I am looking for the 8.5" diameter Mack mufflers that are stainless steel. So far I haven't had much luck finding anything other than aluminized. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Barry mentioned that PAI used to have them, but wasn't able to find anything with my internet search.
  7. A switch on the left side of my dash was replaced with a toggle switch, but I saw that some like mine had an extra hole with a knob I couldn't identify. I found out through researching various pictures of B series that there was a defroster switch in that hole. I will get the information from the Mack Museum to find out more about the switch. Not 100% sure it originally came on my truck. Even if it didn't, I will pass the knowledge onto others. It is my goal to return my truck with some minor upgrades to as close to original as possible. Always fun to learn something new.
  8. What’s the best way to contact them to get this info?
  9. I am looking into replacing a switch for the defroster circuit on a B series. I know the original switch was a 1 ohm 3 position switch, but need to see a circuit diagram to find a suitable replacement. Does anyone know where I can find one for the defroster circuit?
  10. Oh I should mention I currently have: Headlight Switch Marker Light Switch Heater Switch
  11. So I am in the process of restoring the dash on my 58' B Model. I had all the original switches on my truck and what I thought was a toggle switch someone added. After searching the internet, I've come to the conclusion that the hole is original, but the toggle switch was not. I have not been able to read what the switch actually is in the pictures that I found. The only thing I can think of is for the defrosters. Can anyone shed light on what switch was in the hole circled in yellow?
  12. Thanks. I was able to find a replacement for it. It took some time, but the chart below may be helpful to someone else. I used the 229844N for my truck, the yellow was just highlighted on the website I found this.
  13. Has anyone replaced the quick release valve for the rear brakes on a B61 recently? If so, can you recommend what type of valve you used to replace the original?
  14. The old rule of thumb I've heard is a minimum of 10 psi for every 1000 rpm. Of course, this is just a rule of thumb and it really depends on the motor you're dealing with and that everything is getting sufficient lubrication. There so many factors that affect oil pressure, which explains why manufacturers list such a wide variance as within spec. I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts to drop closer to the 10 psi number.
  15. I've been going through something similar on my B61. Engine fires right up even in cold weather so I know the injection pump is good and that I have good compression. However, if I run it in summer I will get 6-8 PSi at idle, but 32psi running down the road. I talked to my machinist about what could be wrong and how to correct it. He agrees the pressure is way too low, but knowing where the "leak" is requires tearing into the motor. It could be too much clearance in the main or connecting rod bearings, could be a failing oil pump, pressure relief valve that is stuck closed, faulty oil pum
  16. Not that scientific, but makes sense. Thanks
  17. Good evening all. I got to this point on my truck and have a few questions to get things buttoned up. The gold adjusters on the lower left hand side of the picture I tried to put back just like I had them when I removed the brakes to rebuild the axle. Is there a procedure for adjusting these? I could not find anything in the Highway Vehicle Service manual. One other question is related to air fittings that I need some clarification on. I bought DOT approved flexible air lines for the front and rear of the truck to replace the old and worn out ones. I was wondering if there is also a DOT
  18. Thanks! I'll have to post some pictures of it now when I can. The whole front end is rebuilt with freshly painted red parts. Been a six month overhaul to get everything together I needed to do this, but worth the wait! It was extremely difficult to drive with all the worn out parts.
  19. I have the steering box pictured below. It has the single 1-1/8" nut to hold the steering arm on. Can anyone tell me the torque spec for this nut? Please excuse the grease. It wouldn't let me upload the current picture with it all cleaned up. Thanks!
  20. I have been looking for a few hours to find a suitable 1-1/4” tongue washer replacements for my fa505 axle spindles. The ones on the truck were destroyed by the previous owner. Anyone know where I might dig up some?
  21. I went to Watt's on this and they straightened me out on what all I needed. Got a short stroke 30/30 chamber and was lucky enough to get the original clevis yokes off the old Type 30 chambers. Another question. Pictured below are my front brakes before I got them relined and new springs. What tool do you use to put the springs on? I have seen a couple s-cam tools, but they don't seem like they'd work with these types of shoes. I do not want to spend money on things that won't work! Thanks for all the input! out
  22. I had a cracked shim plate that sets the castor angle on my 1958 Mack B model front springs. Can anyone tell me if replacements are available or if anyone has one laying around?
  23. Thanks for the input. The original chambers on the truck were type 30, but did not have the spring brakes.
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