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kingpin problems

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hello everyone,  i know this discussion has taken place many times before.  i have read most of the previous posts.  i am trying to get the proper kingpins for my 62 b 67 with the fa505 axle.  i called transedge mack in allentown and gave them the 1qha # and they came back with 301sq32c. now that number is what's on my build sheet from mack.  however 32c reverts back to the 301sq32b and that's no longer services from mack.  that's all well and fine, now i go to the aftermarket.  most of us know the aftermarket pins are coming up short at 6.69 inches and use the fancy roller bushings.  my pins are coming in at 7 5/16 or 7.31 inches.  now the moog [#8592b] kit says it fits or replaces the mack numbers:::: 301sq32b , 301sq45a and 301sw45a however they are just like all other aftermarket kits with the seals and short pins.  i took a look at my ts 442 manual dated 10/67 i got from mack and in section 9 page 11 it shows type 1, 2 ,3 and 4 steering knuckles.  the type 3 knuckle [the one i have] changed at some point in time.  the first diagram [figure 9-9] shows the knuckle i have with standard bushings and no seals.  the next diagram [9-10] clearly shows the newer type knuckle with the roller bushings and seals.  what year was this knuckle first used??  has anyone attempted to use the aftermarket pin kits??  i'm assuming that it can't be done since the pins are to short??  if anyone has i'd like to know how it worked out.  where might i be able to get the correct pins from other then a machine shop?  my last question is where is the stamped part number on the steering knuckles??  the number stamped under the pin cap is not the correct number [4qh 476 dp4] mack ran it for me and it didn't come up. thanks for your help. tom vb.

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Never had a 505 apart to measure.  The Mack axle FA517 set uses a 7.4" pin. 

Stemco K535M    for the FA517 measures Bottom of the pin is 1.5" dia. by 2.494.  Top of the pin is 1.25" dia. by 1.9".  Top utilizes roller bearings.

Rare Parts RP30395 for the FA517 (if still available) has a bushing top and bottom.


This info may help or confuse your situation.


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I wonder if you couldn't machine the spindle to fit a 517 pin?  Is there material?  Pin long enough?  Just thinking outside the box.

My truck has 517 and I did the pins about 16 yrs ago.

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Tom1361, did you figure something out on this? I have a FA511 axle on my H67; I found an NOS Moog 8482b kit on ebay that crosses to Mack 301SQ32AC (I wonder if it's supposed to be 301SQ32C). It says "catalog shows these correct for FA45, FA401, FA501, FA511, FA400 and FA500   axles". The pins in the kit measure 7-3/8" long by 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameter. As you can see in the photo, they have roller bearings but no seals. I'm not going to do my kingpins right now but I wanted to have these on hand in case I need to. If these pins sound right for your axle, you could watch for a Moog kit to come up for sale.


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