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Paint Code Red 58' B Model

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16 minutes ago, Maddog13407 said:

anyone have the actual code? as I'm sure the Mack number is worthless now a days with Volvo in the picture.  Mack had about three different reds

There was only one Mack red in the days of the B model. I'm curious if this gentleman's local Mack brand distributor still offers it (312SX15P2 - gallon container).

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Some old PPG info indicates their code for 1958 Mack red was 71046.  I have no idea if the 71046 would still be a valid number or could be crossed to another manufacturer.

Glancing at other year Mack reds show different PPG codes.  Just a different number or different mix?


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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10 hours ago, Maddog13407 said:

at some point in the 80's or 90's they came out with 'New Mack Red' Kscarbel can chime in. I know this color isn't even close and it way darker

You're right, but it was never popular. And we soon switched from limited color options with Dupont (Imron an option) to PPG with numerous color options.

I myself preferred the Sherwin-Williams automotive finishes that we uniquely used at the Hayward plant.

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