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Truck to Boat Engine Swap

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Does anybody know if Mack engines were ever used in marine applications? I have a T675 I have thought about someday using in an offshore boat. I can't find anything in a google search on whether or not this has been done. Surely a marine transmission will bolt up, as long as the bellhousing bolt pattern is universal. Other prob may be Mack's placement of the motor mounts. Was there a bellhousing made with mounting brackets like cats or cummins? I doubt any marine transmission will have Mack style motor mounts. Any info would help. Thanks

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I think I remember this coming up in a thread on here somewhere and if my poor memory serves me correctly the answer is yes they did use Mack engines in marine applications. 

Second to last post touches on the subject,



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First Merlin Marine, and then Daytona Marine.

DME-9-500                  16.36   500 @ 2,100                                       Daytona Marine Engine

DME-9-550                  16.36   550 @ 2,100                                       Daytona Marine Engine

DME-9-700                  16.36   700 @ 2,500                                       Daytona Marine Engine

DME-9-720                  16.36   720 @ 2,500                                       Daytona Marine Engine

DME-9-750                  16.36   750 @ 2,500                                       Daytona Marine Engine

DME-9-820                  16.36   820 @ 2,500                                       Daytona Marine Engine

DME-9-880                  16.36   880 @ 2,500                                       Daytona Marine Engine

DME-9-925                  16.36   925 @ 2,500                                       Daytona Marine Engine

And also Manchester Mack.............https://www.absolutelyeverythingabout.com/boats/american-marine-diesel/


Mack Power available for new markets

MackPower Press Release  /  February 7, 2001

Mack Trucks, Inc. announced today that it will market its premier 12-liter diesel engine, the E7, as a power source for a variety of industrial and marine market applications.

Mack Power is the company's new business unit which supports the marketing, sales, engineering, service, and parts operations for the E7's strategic move into several new and highly competitive market segments. According to Paul L. Vikner, executive vice president -- sales and marketing, "the Mack E7 engine is a natural fit for the many varied businesses that demand reliability, durability, and efficiency from a diesel power unit. Our engines, which are well known for all these attributes, offer additional advantages due to their outstanding power-to-weight ratio as well."

The Mack Power E7 E-TECH, an electronically managed engine, will be available for the major industrial market segments of agricultural, construction, general industrial, material handling, pumps and compressors, and generator sets.

For the commercial and pleasure marine market segment, the E7 engine will be available in both E-TECH and mechanical models. "This engine is a well respected product, and a quality alternative to competing products," notes Vikner, "with the weight, power, torque, performance, dependability, serviceability, life, and electronics necessary for a wide variety of applications in these market segments. And the E-TECH engine is a real workhorse. It's the same base power unit Mack offers to the Class 8 truck market." In the future, Vikner adds, the Mack Power E7 will be marketed in several non-competing niche on-highway applications as well.

Mack Power products will be produced at Mack's Hagerstown, MD, operations facility. Scott H. Kress, vice president -- business development and industry relations and general manager of Mack Power, says "our goal is to bring to the industrial and marine diesel engine markets a world-class product range that is more than the equivalent of current market leaders -- products that benefit from the dedicated resources and support of the Mack company. The relatively small size and favorable power-to-weight ratio of the E7, combined with Mack's name and reputation, gives our product a significant competitive advantage over others." According to Kress, Mack is developing a distribution network specific to this market – partnering with select diesel engine distributors already servicing these markets that will add the Mack Power product to complement their other offerings.

"Our first product shipment will be made in the first quarter of 2000 to the industrial market," Kress says, "and the marine market will follow later in the year. We also plan to unveil the Mack Power E7 at several industry shows throughout the coming year."


16-litre Industrial Engine

MackPower Press Release

The MackPower I-E9 V8, 16-litre Industrial Engine is ideal for demanding jobs that require extra power and torque.

The MackPower I-E9 V8, 16-litre Industrial Engine is ideal for demanding jobs that require extra power and torque. According to Carrie-Ann Baker, sales and marketing manager of the MackPower business unit, "the E9 has years of proven performance, efficiency and reliability on the highway. It is well respected and well known and now a variety of applications can take advantage of this engine such as: mining, power generation, industrial, agricultural, construction, material handling, as well as pumps and compressors."

The V8 cylinder, 4 stroke, 32 valve, turbocharged, intercooled diesel engine delivers between 475 and 700 HP. The I-E9 offers several other features common to its truck-driving cousin. These include:

  • Electronically controlled pump line nozzle injection system with V-MAC control for high power density, efficient operations and low smoke.
  • High pressure direct injected fuel for excellent fuel economy and smoke control.
  • Three full flow spin-on oil system with 56.2 quart total capacity.
  • Steel crown articulated piston and full wet replaceable cylinder liners for durability.
  • High power-to-weight ratio for outstanding performance.

All I-E9 engines will be manufactured at the Mack Powertrain Operations  engineers and product developmentäin Hagerstown, Md., where MackPower specialists have been centralized.

The toll-free number for all MackPower inquiries is 877-6-PWRMACK (679-7622)

MackPower, 2100 Mack Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18103. Tel: 610-709-3837; Fax: 610-709-3636.

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Thanks for the info everyone. Manchester Mack still has a few limited parts in stock for a marine E7. Sounds like the T675 was never intended for marine use, so a lot of creativity may be required! Since Volvo has their own marine division (VolvoPenta) they had no interest in supporting Mack Power. Next question: How easy (or hard) is it to get parts for a T675? Are things like injectors and overhaul kits available?

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I'm sure a water cooled turbo and after cooler can be fitted pretty easy.  Finding a water cooled exhaust manifold that fits a Mack 675 might be tough. I wonder if a ceramic coated manifold would be good enough? I plan on leaving the fuel pump stock. With a big enough after cooler, I wouldn't think the exhaust would get too hot. I have seen people simply add more ventilation to the engine room with some success!

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