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Another superliner rebuild

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22 hours ago, BillyT said:

Maybe Por 15 would work to eliminate rust between the rails I don't know how durable it is, it's expensive though!

It will encapsulate the rust and should prevent future rust by eliminating water and air intrusion. I don't think it would work on nested frame members unless they were pulled apart before they were coated since the flexing of the rails would break the film and allow water/air intrusion into the rails if just the seams between the rails were coated.

The value of Por-15 type paints is they allow you to coat rust without having to clean the metal to a bare surface. The instructions tell you to remove loose scale, but to leave the tightly adhered rust as this allows the paint to adhere better. 

I have used Por-15 and Chassis Saver. I prefer Chassis Saver as it is a little less expensive and the last two cans of Por-15 I used came from the manufacturer with a small amount of paint in the can's lid seam that made them damn near impossible to open. The paint has a relatively short open time and the only way to store a partial can is to put a small amount of reducer on top of the paint and use a piece of plastic film between the lid and the can to isolate the lid. Even then it will not keep very long, so only buy what you will use in short order. If metal touches metal with paint between them they become basically inseparable.

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Completly missed this build..... Nice job on it. Looks great. I put sound deadening in the whole cab on My RS700 and it made a very noticable difference. I also did the inside of my doors and like you said you notice it when you open or shut them. it sounds like a block of wood hitting the floor now vs a pop can. 

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