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Chops and trusty old Mack keep on truckin'


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It snows all the way up to Queensland on the great divide. I have known it to snow as far north as Mount Perry QLD where the red marker is.

Australia has more acres of snow than Switzerland I was taught as a kid, and our snow is very heavy as in half as much again the weight of the northern hemisphere. I'm not sure as to why. Now it's been many years since I went to school and I doubt they teach any kids these things today.

But I don't think we use salt on any roads here. I may have that wrong.


mount perry.JPG


It snowed for a few days each year on the farm I grew up on in SW Victoria, nothing like in the US or Europe but it was snow and to us kids it was good fun while it lasted. 




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Great story. Good to see him working it still. What a difference it makes having no drivers through a truck. 

The blue mountains just west of steak and kidney (Sydney) will occasionally get snow. Makes news usually if it does.

I've been watching hwy through hell and ice road trucks and yeah, I'll leave that cold stuff to you guys!


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