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?'s about Licensing

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This is always a very touchy subject.  You best bet is research your state laws online.  If you call the state, you'll likely get a different answer from each person you talk to.   Do you have historical tags in Wisc?  That is usually the best bet in getting around it.

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From what I've been told in PA with classic tags you do need a cdl but with antique you don't.   With either tag you cant receive any type of payment for doing a service with the truck.  But like freightrain said its a really touchy subject, and I agree that you will get a different answer from every official you ask.   I'm trying to decide which to put on mine antique or classic and I've got different answers every time looked into it.    

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14 hours ago, 1977vega said:

I think that's how it is in New Jersey, if it's antique or farm tagged, no cdl required

I've got my class A but still tag all my "play" trucks farm use. In TN, that's about the only way you can haul anything without getting commercial tags. You can tag them with antique plates but you can't haul anything with them and only drive on weekends and special events. 

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