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And a straight pipe too. Whats the placard on the front of trailer for?

That straight pipe came off my B61 that burnt up,it actually cleaned up pretty decent,not like some of the crap chrome stacks you see today that rust after 6 months,never will forget,I paid $105 for that pipe brand new in '83.

That placard was one of those flip one's that had all different signs,Explosive,Flammable,,Corrosive,Drive Safely,etc.. It was on the trailer when we bought it.

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That was the good o days Mike, I hauled grain with my dad 40 years ago, at least you had a roll tarp. threw a lot of those old throw tarps back in the day.

that tarp was a bitch to roll,it only got rolled twice a year,rolled open in the fall to seed corn picked in the ear,and rolled back closed after harvest to haul bagged seed corn.

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Sweet old truck.

I see your name on it up at the top.

Which are you standing on the platform or in the trailer?

it looks better in the pics than it did in person,but I was proud of it,bought it on a farm sale for $975 right after my B61 burnt up in the fire. Mice had chewed the air lines under the dash ,and it wouldn't build air,drove it home 15 miles cross country with no brakes,put another $900 into it fixing what I could and went trucking. No spring brakes,hand lever brake didn't work,no headliner,I had more splices and quick fixes in the wiring and air lines that I like to admit, outlaw old school trucking at it's finest.

I'm on the outside on the platform,my to younger cousins were in the trailer. I was loading at my uncle's farm,he used to grow seed corn for Pioneer.They picked it in the ear and we used open top van trailers to haul it. Alot of guys used level floor grain trailers with the sides built up,but these vans worked much better,plus we could use the same trailer to haul bagged seed in the winter and spring,that was one of the perks if you hauled the green corn in the fall.

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