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Busy Weekend


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Mike thanks for the trip! I wish some body would take one of them old steamers to a tractor pull and hook it to the sled! however with the boilers being so old i'm sure we could never see FULL power of these tractors, but the old photos of them plowing are almost unbelievable, and I would love to see it in person.

they pull them at the Old Threshers show at Mt.Pleasant,Ia every year

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gearhead: grab the family sedan and head over to ours.steam locoy, mill ,and at least 5 tractors


Bob, if they let me out of the states,..........I'm not sure they would let me back in!........well not untill taxes are due anyways!!!!

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superdog: Whats the deal on some eastern states useing wide spaced trailer axles and some close spaced. are bridge laws different in different states. thank god I was always off highway. no hieght ,weight,width,speed,dot idiots in mirrors.

on a spread like these,you are allowed 20k per axle on the trailer so with 80k gross,you don't have to get as much weight on the steer and drives. In Iowa,with a spread axle livestock trailer,we can gross 86k on non-interstate roads

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