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Dash Camera

Brian Blaylock

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Rowdy Rebel just got one recently.

He has posted some videos and also posted the brand.

We need more entertainment-so go get one and post up

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Still got the box here in my truck...Cobra CDR840. Turn off the G-sensor or rough roads will fill up the 8G card in about a day. Continuous loop recording, so if it "saves" a file it just doesn't overwrite. With the G-sensor turned off, though, you'll have to physically push the button on the camera to get it to save. When it saves, it actually saves 2 files...the current file that is recording, and the file immediately preceding the incident. I have mine set for 3 minute files. The suction cup held the camera for a few weeks...until it didn't. Kept falling off the windshield yesterday and had to reposition it several times before I grabbed a handy-wipe and cleaned both the suction cup and the window where I was trying to stick it. Overall, it seems to be a good cam...I kinda wish it displayed the speed on the image, but then again sometimes you DON'T want that...so it's probably better this way. I had been considering the Garmin with the GPS...but it is $100 more and I never saw it anywhere but online. The local truck stop in Cape had the Cobra.

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I bought a dash cam from Heartland for $40. Cam works but quality SUCKS big time....even on HD setting. Do not recommend. Put the money towards a quality cam. Personally I like the GoPro but they are pricey.


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