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has anyone used the mystic JT 7 gear oil yet?

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Ya but down here the in south they all seem to want to put heavy gear oil in the trans then bitch in the winter about slow shifting, with heavy loads we have used heavy oils but the lucas seems to stop the boiling over best, yes we have had trans. puke oil out the breather in the summer especially out in TX, rears too. Lucas stops the problem.

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about 10 years ago for 2-3 years I thought you use 85-140 in my RTO14613 and it seem like the transmission ran hotter then I found out It was to use 50w which seems to run cooler, but like glen said I ate up the synchronizer, when you let of the petal it would fall out of gear.

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in the roadranger repair manual it recommends 50wt for extreme cold climates,85/140 is a bit too thick here for the winter,they did mention that the EP additives cause seal issues if the oil gets over 250 degrees,not an issue with mine,im already experiencing issues with the hi/lo syncro and slight delay going into hi,i listen for the clunk before going back on the throttle and i does good,sometimes i press the clutch to make sure that theres no preload on the gears when going into hi range which also helps,

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