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Peterbilt Launches Set-Forward-Axle Version of Model 567


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Heavy Duty Trucking / February 3, 2015

Peterbilt launched a new set-forward front axle configuration of the vocational Model 567, made for mixer and other weight-conscious applications. The truck was revealed at the World of Concrete show.

The Model 567 SFFA is designed to maximize payloads and meet state and federal bridge law requirements. It is available in 115- and 121-inch-BBC lengths. The 115-inch model has a bumper to front axle distance of 29 inches; the 121-inch length has a bumper to front axle distance of 31 inches.

“The Model 567 SFFA (set-forward front axle) lets customers maximize payloads while helping meet state and federal bridge law requirements,” said Robert Woodall, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing. “The Model 567 is a low-weight leader and this new configuration will let customers take full advantage of that through optimized weight distribution.”

“The new axle position builds on the Model 567’s already exceptional versatility, helping customers across a wide range of applications reach higher levels of performance, productivity and profitability,” said Woodall. “The Model 567 broke new ground for visibility, maneuverability and durability. Customer reception of the Model 567 has been overwhelmingly positive and the new SFFA configuration gives our customers more choices than ever to meet their jobsite requirements and business goals.”

The dimensions were designed to maximize maneuverability while providing a wheelbase that complies with bridge law requirements. The truck on display at the World of Concrete expo is equipped with a Paccar PX-9 engine, an Allison automatic transmission with FuelSense technology and a McNeilus mixer body.

Both the set-forward and set-back front axle configurations of the Model 567 are standard with Paccar MX-13 engines with up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. Both versions are also available as a day cab or with Peterbilt’s lineup of detachable sleepers.



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The interior is almost the same as the older cabs. The floor doesn't angle but there is a ledge what the door sill plate is. The outside overall appearance and feel is very cheap. But it's the way everyone is going.........there were a bunch of prototype trucks up here and the guys said wind noise was terrible. Kenworth unbolted the grab handles and took them off the cab and the wind noise was gone.

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