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converting CL triaxle to tandem


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I thought it was 44,52,58,65k. I've never had over 44w 52k springs.

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Macks Does NY enforce the Federal Bridge Law on Long Island. I know in cental NY around the Watkins Glen,Retsoff area they do.Not 100% sure on the #'s but you need 21' outer bridge to scale over 70 or 71,000 lbs.My tri-axle has a wheelbase of 239" outer bridge of 22'.Pa. is starting to have selective enforcement of this law at times. Joe D.

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Joe,I have the grandfathered down state type 1 permit,all I need is a 16 foot wheel base and now starting in 2115 I will also need to have four axles,Ill be able to gross 79000 on my truck with the new drop axle,I know its stupid to have a drop axle with 58000 rears but that's what I have to do.

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