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Re-power B61


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Hi guys, I have a 66 B61 we are customising here in Australia and I am looking to re power it . I know you have gone through all this before but is there a general consensus on what is the best swap ?? We were thinking of throwing a turbo on and a kit through the 711 motor in it and winding that up, but the more I read on that I am getting a bit nervous about parts and even if we will get the hp we want. looking for 300-400 hp ?? if I had to go away from a Mack motor it would have to be a cat so any thoughts?? EMT-6 ?? 3408 ?? I don't want to stretch the front so I know that limits the options for big hp motors. Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks for you r help guys.

We have found a 50000 klm E6-285 out an army R600. ?? Whats your thoughts.

Will the triplex box handle this power ?? And any thoughts on improving the clutch set up on the B models???? The old push clutch isn't ideal.

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