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Replaced Front Spring Insulators on R600

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Actually got a little road time in this morning.

Wow! Can't believe what a difference those insulators made.

The bumps and jolts from the road are FAR less noticeable through the steering wheel...and the seat! Makes the whole front end of the truck feel tighter and more stable.

Best bang for the buck you can do to the front of one of these rubber-mounted trucks.

By the way, the old ones were worn down to the point that the retainer caps could be bolted on with virtually no compression of the rubber whatsoever. When I put the new ones on, they started compressing as soon as the bolts started in the holes. So, there is a LOT more rubber under compression in there now. No wonder it's tighter, huh?

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I hate the ''road sniffer'' look also and remember years ago when Tidewater Mack was complainin that nobody bought front springs for B models when they were 180 bucks a piece and wouldn't be available in the future. most B and R models I have seen when new sat pretty level. I think it a Mack thing. I have seen a few picture of White Wc22's from the factory that have the ''hot rod'' rake to them. must be figured in for load.


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I know when I rebuilt the LF spring, that isolator was a biotch to get back in. Well, not horribly bad, but took a couple tries to get it squared and settle in the right spot. I know they must have been replaced sometime in the past as it was still very nice condition.

I did notice with the new spring and new rear bushing that it rides nicer since the bushing actually takes grease and probably moves now. I shoulda fixed it 12 yrs ago, but kept putting it off. Glad i finally took the time, as it wasn't that bad of a job.



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