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1960 Thermodyne B 125 Diesel

BDA B125

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Looking for rebuild information on my 1960 Thermodyne B125 Diesel Fire truck.

Best locations to purchase parts, used or new.

Looking for a door-less and roof-less Cab also.

Would appreciate any information one can offer.

Many Thanks in advance from BERMUDA !

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I have a full open cab from a B85 out of Reading PA. The cab is pretty goo, but the floor is gone. The cab is off the truck and stored in a trailer. The rest of the truck is junk. I would be willing to sell it. It is located in Boyertown PA. Lets see some pictures of your truck. Mike

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Thank you for the replies.


Do you have any pics of the cab and also how much are you asking for the cab ?

Ron is correct regarding the engine type.

It has a Waterous pump

Model CMB

Two stage centrifugal

it Pumps 1,250.00 GPM @ 150 PSI

Pre-connected front suction and two side suctions with a 200 gallon tank.

I will try to post pics but will have to see how's that's done.

Thank you again.


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BDA B125:

A Mack "B" model fire engine and Bermuda; it doesn't get any better than that!! I saw the Mack "B" models when I visited Bermuda in 1979; they were still in service. Since that

time, Bermuda combined the Hamilton and St. George Fire Brigades into one island wide fire service. St. George had a 1960 Mack "N" model fire engine. Do you know if it is

still around? Gotta get back to Bermuda some day soon.


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The chassis number is B125F-1042.

Did you find any pictures of the cab you have stored in the trailer and work out what you are asking for it ?

Please let me know.


Not sure if the N model is still in service or even around but will see if I can find out for you.

When you take the trip back here let me be the first to know and I will show you around for sure.



B125 Bda Mack

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Sorry, I did not get to look at the cab yesterday. I spent the day playing with my new B85. It just got delivered yesterday and now I am back to work. It will probably be until next Friday when I have my next day off. Lets see some pictures of your truck. Mike

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Hi Mike,

Sounds Good for next week.

Direct me as to how I post pics on this site.

I had a look and I must be in the wrong location......lol

I have put a few feelers out on the N Model Mack that St George fire service had so I hope to let you know its fate shortly.


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Posting pictures is tough. Go to "more reply options" in the lower right. Then "chose file" in the lower left. Pick the file. Then "attach this file". Then "add to post" to the right of the small picture. post-7810-0-47309500-1407629976_thumb.jp. This is Harrisburg PA ex ladder 12. Wish it was mine. Mike.

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I suggest that you make a list of what is missing to post here. Most of us have a "stash" of various bits and pieces that might be helpful to you.

Is the bell gone? If so Cal Little usually has mounts and bells for B models. The deck gun is most likely an Eastman. Still found at flea markets,

As for the right fender; it is not beyond repair by someone with fabrication skills, but finding one in better condition shouldn't be all that hard. The problem is going to be the suction pipe running through it. By the time you do the modifications to make a new fender fit you might be better off to just fix the existing one.

Not to be too presumptive, after all it is your truck, but please don't "re-muddle" the rig by replacing the steel diamond deck with aluminum or using the wrong bell, etc. This piece is a very historically important piece of fire apparatus and deserves to be treated as such.

Have you written the Mack Museum with the chassis number to get the owner's manual, delivery pictures, etc. yet? If not you really need to do so. For a small donation they will send you quite a package, plus I'm sure the curator would love to know this truck still exists.

Additionally Mack still has all of the original shop drawings for this truck on file. For example if you need a drawing of the missing cabinet door they will have it to send to you so you can reproduce it accurately.

Good luck with the restoration and let us know what we can do to help out.

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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Tommy, In Harvey's "B" model fire truck book there are 4 or 5 pictures of B125F 1041/1042. The pictures pretty much cover all sides of your truck. Where the bell would normally go there is an oversized air cleaner. So I imagine your truck didn't have a bell. Also I don't think the before and after pictures you posted are the same truck.....no front suction and no hose reels on the "before" truck. In Harvey's book it reads that "Bermuda ordered 3 B models......1041/42 and a hose wagon". The truck in your avatar and in the "before" picture might be the "hose wagon". If you don't already have Harvey's book it would certainly be worth it.....especially with so many pictures of your truck. The guys on here recommended the same thing to me when I had questions about the different models. Best of luck......

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Thank you for the priceless information.

I have started to make notes and will keep you posted or should I say keep asking questions and keep you updated with what I am doing.

My biggest problem will definitely be cost.

I have a lot of research ahead of me and imagine that I will have to shop around to get a few corporate companies onboard to assist with donations.

I am definitely inspired by your direction and knowledge.

I have attached another pic of the Waterous pump.

Are Parts ie seals etc still available for this 60 yr old pump ?

Many Thanks once again.



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Many Thanks to you also.

I am going to look on the web for the book right away and have a copy shipped in.

I will also contact Mack although I have the Parts book, Engine service book & a manual on the Waterous pump (ALL the original books) I would like to see what Mack will send also.

Drawings on the truck well that's exciting news also as I will certainly require a lot of the panels (cabinet doors etc.) to be replaced.

regarding the pictures I had posted of the two trucks you are quite correct in that the newer looking B with out the front suction and no boster reels is in deed the hose lay vehicle.

I have added a pic of a certificate that I discovered many years ago.

Not sure why I kept it but it is dated 1895 and I think it is now FDNY but back then was called the Town of Newtown.

Thanks again Loadstar for your direction and inspiration.




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