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Some interesting (To me) news


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it is always an honor to be involved in local history. I am friends with the township historian from where I was born and raised in upstate NY. As a result I have copies of many Brockway truck from the local trucking company. She has also sent me elementary school class picture for help in identifying some of the other kids.


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Mark: very cool! I to have our farm and misc. tractors,trucks, and cows pictured and referenced in our local book the history of whitestone. it makes a guy kinda proud to see the family reflected in story and in print along with captioned photos......... that's not in the sheriff's blotter :loldude:

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wow how exciting,,,my grandpa started with a team of horses back around 1900,,hauling banana,s around new england,,,also no photo,s also miss those old time amusement parks,,,used to be quite a few of them...bob

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Good stuff Mark! It's great that a moment in your family's history was captured for future generations to see.

Having worked on a farm myself as a young lad I can appreciate the dedication and hard work involved with farming and getting the goods to market. It was a rough life but it made me appreciate the little things a lot more.

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"If it's all the sime to you... I'll droyve that tankah"   Max Rockatansky (The Road Warrior)

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