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Small project update

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Well after finding the right wiring diagram, making a handful of new cables and lots of trial and error... My truck now starts with the push button in the cab WOOO! I put all new airlines and brake cans on the rear axles and the truck will build 120 PSI in the tanks. So my nest task is getting the compound unstuck. Not sure what range it is stuck in but it will not come out. I would try the whole pry until it gives method but something tells me there is a better way. I can see a metal rod tht moves with the shifter in front of the transmission, and someone suggested getting a long bar and trying to tap on that... any ideas would be great! Also another small thing, my shutters are seized pretty good. I have them off the truck and sprayed them many times with pb blaster and "knock'er loose" with no success.

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compound is stuck in more than one gear or between two most likely. they do this when they get wore a lil. you could gently pry on the rails , you might have to unbolt the lever off the box to let it move. the shutters uually require a little more action. PB Blaster is the best, they might free up, or you might have to take them totally apart. they are steel rod ends that go thru an aluminum retainer bar, and we all know how they hate each other.


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Make sure it is really stuck between two gears and its not just the shifter slipped betweeen the rails...the round end of the end of the shiter can get between the shift rails instaead of coming out of one side and into the other...what I do (still happens occasionaly if I screw up the shift from low split to direct and make a half curve motion instead of forward-over-down)...I take the cover where the 12-24 solenoid used to be and stick a bar in one of the shift rails and move, it, it always click back in...

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