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other dog

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wow nice,,,remember riding with my pop,,in a ford like that one,,around 1967,,,he was a city driver for a while...beacon fast freight....those cabovers look real clean,,,,, like the chick,,man lol.bob

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I cut the grass yesterday, sawed some cherry wood up into smoker size pieces, and put some straw around the potatoes. When I got the mower out from under the deck a baby snake was under the tarp. It was brown with an orange undercarriage, about a foot long. I smashed it to smithereens with a grubbing hoe, then threw it in the fire barrel.

Today I had a few pole bean seeds left over, so I decided i'd plant them over there by the fence where that little maple tree is growing, so they could climb up the maple, if they even come up. When I scratched out a little trench to plant them in- with the back of a claw hammer- I uncovered a baby snake, about a foot long. It was gray with a white undercarriage. I beat it to a pulp with the claw hammer, then threw it in the fire barrel.

I don't care how big it is or what color it is, if I see a snake i'm gonna kill it. So, those cabbage are really growing, eh?

I re-seasoned the grill and all the grill grates today too, getting ready for the first big cook out of the year next weekend. That summich is shining like a new one!

Everybody come on over, i'll smoke some meat and we'll hoist a few cold ones!

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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