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Brockway A758L


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hey thanks steve, this will take time to get every thing together. might use a cummins big cab for power and go back to the automatic that was in it. it was made with a 6-53 dd and auto in it. sleeper wise I think it would be best to stay with what fits the back window width. I can get another cab that was in a wreck and has firewall damage to use for the back half. this isn't happening too soon.how would a pete or bentz look on that cab.


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I think his name is Daryl Whitman that lives near Binghamton that has a 4 door R-Model. It looks pretty good with lots of room for Family. I do not think any Cummins with an aftercooler would fit in a 758 chassis, 290 Cummins were put in from factory. Being it was built with a 6V-53 maybe a 6V-71 or 6V-92 Silver would fit. They put out decent HP and sound great.Joe D.

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