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B model for my detroit

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ugh, blasphemy haha. a B42 is the smallest B model with air brakes but some B30's had them optional. you would want at least a 505 or 517 or 522 front axle in a B42 or B61 for one ton of engine. the smaller B20s and B30's had really light front axles and springs. id say you want at least 11 leaf front springs also. most B42's had 8 or 9 leaves unless it was an SX dumptruck or heavy spec.


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I like Detroit's Hell I was raised on the 2 stroke screaming Jimmies . BUT A Detroit in a Bulldog ? Isnt there a law against that kinda thing ? :loldude:

8V53 Is a RARE 2 stroke Detroit . ive only seen 1 of them in my life time . 1 of the old timers that was friends w/ my pop said they were used in military applications.

Good luck on your project


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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8v53 is a rare one 7000 were built most for marine use. the military ones were turbocharged. Mine is a 8v53N out of a fire truck. Low hours starts right up with no lope or smoke issues. I will keep my eyes peeled for a heavy duty B model. Preferably one with steering assist. There is a a B53 that I had been eye ballin. I am in no hurry however have a few projects that need to be at least pushed along a little further. On another note the guy I bought this 8v53 from has a H67 with a 6-71 yet I did not get to see it. I think he mentioned possibly selling it. Thank you for your responses.

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