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Truck Boneyard - Lehigh Valley PA

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Saw these articles posted in Fleet Owner.

Does anyone know of this yard or has anyone visited this place? I think this is the place on the east side of I-78 just south of Allentown. A few pics of MH, R doors, and Superliner hood. Looks like an interesting place.


There is also a sub-article about an old Mack barn find. The "old Mack" is an International with a bulldog on the hood. There is a picture of the IH hooked to a Superliner.


Another article



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I usually try to eat at the Midway Diner (right across the street) when i'm in the area,been through their yard a few times,not looking for anything specific,they really don't seem to have much interest in selling anything! nice enough people,just not the most professionally run place I've ever come across! they know where NOTHING is,or even if they have it! "go look around" is the answer I got!...........quite a bit of Mack stuff the last time I was there,but a lot rusting on the ground,or out in the open (some junk too!)......................................................Mark

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That corn binder would make a great project for an IH guy to pull a flat bed with his other treasures. You don't see too many with the integrated sleeper.

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Indeed, that's a good looking unit, looks pretty much complete and solid.

Some good looking "units" work at the diner across the street too!,one of the reasons I like to eat there! real good PA/Dutch style food too!...............................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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