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Cabs on 81 and 94 R models the same ?

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Does anyone know if the cabs, mainly the rooflines, are the same on a 1981 and 1994 R model ? Raney Truck Parts has a 7 1/2 visor that will fit a 1994 but they don't know if it will fit a 1981. I contacted the Mack dealer up here and they're useless as they don't know and aren't interested in finding out.

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Cab exterior is pretty much the same from 73-04. Diffrences would be cowl depending if it's a r model or later rd. Overall construction is pretty much the same thru years. A cab from 81, should bolt to a 94'. Electrical and air will differ slightly.

Galvanized cabs started in 85'?

Interior options had some changes thru the years mainly in dash construction and layout. Headliner was changed and overhead consol was added in mid 80's

Door catch and latch changed in the mid 80's

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Yep, old R to newer RD is basic interior changes and wiring/plumbing changes. The big change was the cowl panel for the new hood design, im pretty sure it just changed on the drivers side though. Yes the Rd/RW difference is the passenger side cowl, and the hood rests/ breather setup on the firewall.

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Okay, thanks, guys. I don't know what the heck the problem is with the Mack dealer (Sheldon Mack) up here is Vermont. I called them on three separate occasions asking questions on parts, and they never have an answer and then never get back to me. If they don't want my business I'll drive to freakin' Albany (NY) to the dealer down there !

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