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VIN help R Model

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking at a R Model to restore. I was wondering if anyone could decode the VIN for me? 2M2N277YXJC007094 It's in very good condition with only 308xxx miles on it and 75xx hrs on the clock.




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Thanks for the replies, I think that VIN decoder is for later trucks like CH. The numbers and letters don't match up. It is a Canadian built truck, but I don't know about a glider. It doesn't show any clues of being one. It has a E6 300L 4 valve with dynatard and a T2070 trans. 12 front and 44 camelback.

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The B81 is not for sale. What would be a ballpark fair price for the R? It has been off the road since 06. So to start with, it needs 10 tires, and a paint job, then start fixing leaks, change all fluids, belts, hoses, brakes and drums maybe,etc. One could easily spend 10 grand to get it roadworthy and painted and lettered. Between buying a truck like this and getting it on the road, it could easily exceed the value of the truck.

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