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Dump trailer


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I tried to update the old post but the website wouldn't let me so here I am with a new post. I have a 1972 Palmer dump trailer for sale. It's steel, quarter/frameless and 22 feet in length. It has an air gate that works as well as the lift cylinder and lights. I have a clear title and am now asking $3,500.00 but I'm flexible on that. I'd like payment in the form of cash or certified funds. BTW: I'm located in Clinton, Louisiana.







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prolly look sweet behind someones old B model, especially at that price for a working dump trailer.

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The floor is in good shape it isn't rusted through if that's what your wondering. It looks like it got thin so the liner was placed in before there was an issue. BTW: No, the R model isn't in the deal. LOL!

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It doesn't look like it hauled rip rap or concrete by looking at the floor. In my opinion the cross members don't look bad either. They are going to show there age but no major problems. As you can see the side sheet metal and vertical reinforcements all look really good for such an old trailer.

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