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Oil in the antifreeze End673


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pull the oil pan and pressure the coolant for a few days and ever once in a while turn the engine over. When you see it dripping look with a light and see were it is coming from and report back and then some one can ntell you more about it. It can be anything from a oil cooler or head gasket or cracked head as well as a crack in the block. I have also seen a block leak from in behind the liner

glenn akers

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Guys it's been over 30 years maybe close to 40 since I worked on a 673 so somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember a 673 having an oil cooler. The 673 engines with 20 head bolt pattern was bad about blowing a head gasket.

I'd bet the problem is head gasket.

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Thanks for the info Glenn. I hoped I wasn't having a senior's moment or dreaded CRS attack.

When we were turning up our B models and H models to make them a little more powerfull we would mount an AC evaporator on the fender wall and plumb it into the oil filter lines to make a homemade oil cooler.

On the 673P we would drill the piston rod tips make them into homemade piston coolers. Life was good. 711 wouldn't hang together for us. The sweetest ride I ever had bar none was a 56 B model wedge cab sleeper with a 673P and 9sp OD duplex. I never saw but a very few of the 9 speed OD and I loved it.

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My ENDT673 came with a factory oil cooler. It went bad on the way to the Yakima show this year. On the way met a guy from Iowa who had one brought out to Yakima for me. I got it changed out up there in WA. I would say your oil cooler went bad as I also got oil in radiator, but none in crankcase, You can probably get yours repaired, or hopefully find another one in good condition,

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Oil pressure far exceeds water pressure so if the cooler was leaking you would get oil in the antifreeze long before water in the oil. If the leak was bad enough then maybe water would seep into the oil after shutdown, like when there is no oil pressure, but some residual pressure in the radiator.



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