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Cat snubs Melbourne Truck Show


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Diesel News / July 10, 2013

Less than two months after the overwhelming success of the Brisbane Truck Show, Cat Trucks has made it known it will not attend the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show, commonly known as the Melbourne Truck Show, next year.

In a recent press release Cat shared its strategic vision for product plans and future trade events: “Given the success of Brisbane Truck Show and the upcoming Perth Truck Show, Cat Trucks does not plan to participate in the Melbourne Truck Show as the investment would exceed the value of participating in three major trucks shows in nine month’s time. Instead, Cat Trucks plans to shift marketing resources into a broad range of more focused marketing initiatives, including a major launch for the CT630S scheduled to occur in the first part of 2014,” said the release.

“The Brisbane Truck Show sets the pace for the industry, and we were extremely pleased to be part of an event that broke previous records and where we were able to unveil our full 2013 product range,” said Bill Fulton, Cat Trucks managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

“We will be back in Brisbane in 2015 and we will be excited to showcase an interactive display that will feature new additions to Cat Truck model line up,” he stated.

“In conjunction with our dealer network, we have made the decision to not to proceed with Melbourne for the 2014 event,” said Kevin Dennis, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, for Cat Trucks Australia and New Zealand.

Cat Trucks who picked up two prestigious awards at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show, which included the hotly contested “Outstanding Truck Manufacturers Display”, is electing to invest in a wider scope of marketing projects.

“When we promote our brand to the trucking audience, we always aim to make an impact, and we did in Brisbane, we will in Perth for the Perth Truck and Trailer Show later this month” Mr Dennis said.

“This decision to not partake in the 2014 Melbourne Truck Show will allow Cat to shift the focus onto a wide array of marketing initiatives, including launching the CT630S.”

According to the company the Cat CT630S is a light tare weight vehicle and one of the lightest in its class, and one of the shortest conventional cab trucks in the market to use a 15-litre engine.

Its shorter bonnet enables the Cat CT630S to operate comfortably in B-double / 34-pallet operations aimed at the line haul consumers for fleets and interstate trucking.

The CT630S is planned to be released in the 1st quarter of 2014 through the Cat dealer network.


CAT Trucks Australia displayed the CT630S short-nose tractor last year at the Melbourne Truck Show.

"The Australian market has been calling for a short bonnet conventional truck, and Caterpillar has listened to its customers," said Bill Fulton, managing director of Cat trucks in Australia and New Zealand.

"We are now offering a powerful, practical vehicle, the Cat CT630S, which has been developed for the Australian market and designed to meet the demands of the Australian road environment."

The Cat CT630S is a lightweight vehicle and one of the shortest conventional cab trucks in the market to use a 15 liter engine. Its shorter bonnet enables the Cat CT630S to operate comfortably in B-double/34 pallet operations, with superb visibility and dynamic handling. The aerodynamics of its integrated cab also provides linehaul and road train consumers with improved fuel efficiency, making the CT630S ideal for fleets and interstate trucking.

Like other Cat trucks, the CT630S represents the only brand of truck on the market featuring the world renowned Cat engine. Its Cat C15 engine delivers up to 550 horsepower and 1850 lb/ft torque. The engine is offered in an ADR 80/03 compliant option (Euro-5 / roughly EPA2007), which uses dual horizontal DPFs to eliminate the need for EGR or SCR for emissions compliance. As a result, fuel efficiency remains essentially the same, as it would be in an equivalent ADR 80/02 compliant vehicle. The CT630S will come with a standard four year, 800,000 km driveline coverage.

The CT630S is available in two versions: a sleeper cab with BBC measurement of 138" (3515 mm), and a day cab with BBC measurement of 112" (2855 mm). Both versions utilize a conventional hood design for improved fuel efficiency and ease of access. The high mount cab also provides increased under-cab airflow. Cab strength is compliant with ECE R-29, with three point cab mount and rear air cab suspension providing improved stability and comfort.

The sleeper cab version of the CT630S features an aerodynamic, integrated sleeper cabin, with a comfortable mattress (1850 mm x 660 mm) for sleeping and resting. The cabin also features an under-bunk storage allowance and side vent windows give added ventilation and comfort. The fully integrated and factory engineered sleeper cabin, through its structural integrity, not only offers the driver greater levels of comfort, but also offers the operator a truck which will stand up to the tough task of transport in Australia.

Both versions feature a robust 260mm x 92mm x 9.5mm frame, with an insert over the tandem axle and an upper frame tie for the high mounted cabin. The vehicle has a GCW of up to 198.000 pounds (90,000kg).

The CT630S comes equipped with:

  • Updated Meritor RT46-160 rear axles, fitted with traction control. A differential lock is standard on the RR axle, as are alloy hubs, while differential locks on both axles are offered as an option.
  • An Eaton RTLO20918B manual transmission comes standard, with an optional Eaton UltraShift Plus Transmission.
  • LED headlights come standard and provide improved vision and longer life.
  • Parabolic front spring suspension.



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There's a few cat straight trucks (dumps and roll off) around here, and I will admit they look sharp, but that looks like an international with the wrong badge......

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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hope for them that the saying is true "Cat has nine lives" cause the way they go they will need it , seems to me to make many mistakes , marketing wise and production wise , a company that gives up highway engine and then they come up with a highway truck is a tad bit ackward to me .

Makniac , collector and customizer of die-cast model in 1/50th scale

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The high mount cab also provides increased under-cab airflow

HIgh cab placement for air flow?? What about wind resistance?

I know, I know, they don't want to burn the truck down with the dual DPF's going.

which uses dual horizontal DPFs to eliminate the need for EGR or SCR for emissions compliance



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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It just makes me sick to see Cat commin out with all this new garbage and all Accert owners are still holdin the shit bag and cat ran for the hills! I wouldn't give ya 2 cents for anything with a Cat name on it!! People talk about Detroit but they never ran from there problems they always took care of there mistakes! we had 6- OO-92 back in 85, one blew up, Detroit took back all 6- 335's and put 350 Silver series in them NO CHARGE!! Then we had 4 Series 60's3 were road tractors and 1 was a city truck at about 250,000 mi we were havin piston prob's with them, they took them and put new long blocks in NO CHARGE the city truck went 12 years without a prob. and then at about 300,00 mi the piston went, Atlantic DDA towed it to Lodi NJ and put a new motor in NO CHARGE 12 years later!.. I've got another Accert in the shop now with a sucked valve wiped cam and bent crank 480,000 mi still lookin for a motor to put in her and then gettin rid of all of them shit box's!! The prob is no dealer wants them on trade and if they do they don't want to give you anything for them


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