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I'm jeroen from Belgium.

We have a Mack B61 at home.

wich have a couple problems with the Rotary bosh injection pump

It give a little bit smoke when starting up, but won't fire up.

we have by- passed the filters, and a spare clean fuel tank installed

does anyone here know the problem?

or does anyone has mechanical pictures of these pump?

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry I cannot help with your questions. I have been told the rotary pumps can be a problem. Does it have a V8 in it? Hopefully someone will be able to help.

A friend will be visiting from Belgium this weekend. He lives in Halen.


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First thing all of the engines on startup smoke a little, that is considered normal. Second if you have little experience with the pumps you need a manual before diving into a precision instrument. A manual can be obtained on eBay. I would only suggest this or find someone that has years of experience.

Welcome and best regards


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