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detachable gooseneck trailers

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Hi I'm a machinest. A friend of mine was having problems with his detachable gooseneck lowboy the support arms were denting his frame. so I came up with a bolt on part to fix the problem being the round bars were point loading the frame the new system uses nylon blocks up against the frame rails. This new system barely scratches the paint

What I would like to know is this a common thing and would it be worth marketing this system

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Not sure what model the trailer is so can't answer the question. On hydraulic detatch, the stinger that drops to the frame to hold up the gooseneck when unhooked should be supported by a piece of 1" thick steel across the rear end of the frame rails, from one rail to the other, about 27" wide by 16" deep by 1" thick, any thinner will bend. If it's a mechanical detatch it should have ramps bolted on the side of the truck frame to support the dropping and lifting of the trailer, most trailers have rollers that run down the ramps. To support the gooseneck when removed from the trailer a wood 4"x4" should be placed from frame rail to frame rail under the gooseneck frame on the ramps for support when removing it from the trailer. It sounds like this trailer might have arms that come down by air or hyraulics that set on the frame rails? There should be ramps to protect the truck frame.

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