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A trip that takes you anywhere near Milwaukee is not complete without a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle! plenty of truck parking,free samples,and ANY kind of good cheese or snack you ever heard of! real nice folks! and if you don't have room (or don't want to eat it all before you get home) they'll ship most anything anywhere!.........................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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All that stuff sounds like fun! Gonna try to check some stuff out if the boss allows me time. Ken I might have a reload in kent oh on the way back. If I do I'll give you a call and see about that breakfast I owe ya when I get back towards holidaysburg. Just stopped on Freemont ind just now. Got heavy storms coming in so I'm parked for the evening. Thanks for the suggestions fellas!

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For Oh and iN I run across the top instead of the toll road it ads about an 1.5 hr but its a lot nicer. Toll road only has fast food. If you do jump of at Hubbard go north on 7, west on 82 then 422, 480 , 176, 90 , 2 , around Toledo 280 ,75 ,475, 23, 20.all the way across to 94.

Saves a lot of money, good dinners in pioneer oh. Shipshawna in, rolling prairie in. Just saying

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